Hebrew Termonology

Here is a small list of a few Hebrew words and their meanings that may be used during a broadcasts.


Word                        Meaning

Abba                          Father

Adonai                       The Lord our God

Baruch                       Blessed be

Baruch                       Blessed by God

B’rit Hadashah          The New Covenant

Cohen/Cohanim        Priest

Cohen Gadol              High Priest

Echad                         One, unity

Elohim                        God

Eretz Yisrael              The Land of Isreal

Goyim/Goy                 Gentile

Halakhah                  Jewish Law

HaShem                    God

Kefa                           Peter

Mashaich                   Messiah

Matityahu                   Matthew

Melech                       King

Midrash                      Allegorial interpretation of a text

Mikveh                       bath/pool for ritual purification

Moshe                       Moses

Nevi’im                      Prophets

Parashah                  Weekly Torah “portion”. Read in the Synagogue on Shabat or Festival, or Feast day

Rabbi                        Teacher, someone ordain to determine Halakhah

Ruach Hakodesh      The Holy Spirt

Shabbat                     Sabbath

Sha’ul                        The Apostle Paul

Shavuot                     The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)

Sh’mitah                    Release of Debt every 7 years

Shalom                      Greetings of the Day

Tanakh                       The Old Testatment

Sukkot                        Feast of booths

Tanakh                      Old Testatment

Torah                        First Grade

Tzaddick                   Righteous one

Tzedakah                  Righteous one

Tzitzit                        Specially made fringes worn on the four corners

Yeshua                     Hebrew name of Messiah which means salvation

Yehoshua                 Hebrew name for Joshua

Yehuda                     Judah

Yitzchak                    Isaac

Yochanan                 Hebrew name for John